kota stone india

 kota stone india


We are specialized in Products like kota stone, lime stone, kota stone blue, kota stone brown, kota stone tiles, kota stone slabs, kota stone dimond cute, kota stone india export quality, kota stone yellow.  As a global kota stone and kota stone tiles exporter, kota stone suppiler and manufacture. we cater to large number of customers round the world and work to ensure that best products are delivered at the best price rates. Customer satisfaction is our best motive and we strive to meet up to our expectations.

Basically which stone produce from Kota Rajasthan, country India. it knows by the name of kota stone.  It is a fine-grained variety of lime stone. it have too many colors like gray kota stone ,  greenish-blue kota stone  and brown kota stone,  kota stone yellow.


Sizes available of Kota Stone

Kota stone Tiles Size in cms.
30×30, 30×40, 40×40, 45×56,56×56, 56×30, 56×75, 56×90, 56×120, 56×150, …… etc. to size Exports Tiles

Machine cut kota stone tile in inch
22″x22″, 23″x23″, 22″x28″, 21″x21″, 17″x23″, 16″x22″, 22″x15″, 22″x14″, 22″x11″, 22″x5″, 8″x8″, 9″x9″, 10″x10″, 11″x11″, 17″x5″, 22″x4″, 17″x4″

Kota Stone Slab Size In Feet
2X1, 2X1.5, 2X2 , 2X2.5, 2X3, 2X4, 2X5, 2×6, 2×7, 2×8, 2.5X2.5, 2.5X3, 2.5X4, 2.5X5, 2.5X6 up to Customer Requirements.

Skirting Size In Inch For Corner
22″X 5″, 22″X4″, 17″X 5″, 17″X4″

Thickness of kota stone

  • 10mm to 80mm with a tolerance of +- 5mm [for Both sides natural]
  • 10mm to 40mm with a tolerance of +- 3mm [for One side natural and one side polished; One side natural and one side calibrated; One side polished and one side calibrated]

Only machine cut edges (sawn) [for One side natural and one side polished, One side polished and one side calibrated].


Kota Stone is a limestone and famous for its low price and beautiful colors. People like Kota stones due to its charming appearance and long life. Kota stone has unique properties that make it 1st choice for builders. We offer export quality Kota stone slabs, kota stone, kota stone tiles, kota stone mines, kota stone cost, kota stone prise.

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