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Kota Stone supplier & Manufacturer

Stone International Pvt. Ltd

Rohit Pareta

Office:- 6-A-4, Rangbari Yojna, Kota(Raj.)-324005
Bazar No. 6.RamganjMandi, Dis. Kota(Raj.)-326519
Kotastone Quarry & Factory : Dargah Road , Chechat, Dis. Kota (Raj.)
Sandstone Quarry:Polli. Dis.Jhalawar (Raj.)Dabi,Dist. Kota(Raj)
                [email protected]
                     Rohit [email protected]
 +91-9829020218 , +91-9001060198 , 07442476218

( Mineowner, Processor, Exporter Of Kota & Lime Stone and Sandstone)

Speciality : Kota Brown, Kota Blue, Red Sandstone.

About us:- We are specialized in Products like Kota Stone, kota limestone, . As a global marble and granite slabs exporter we cater to large number of customers round the world and work to ensure that best products are delivered at the best price rates. Customer satisfaction is our best motive and we strive to meet up to our expectations.

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